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Stone Crushing Units

Stone Crushing Units


Stone crushing units are designed by İPS Madencilik  according to desired capacity by taking customer satisfaction into account.


We take into account land location of customer, capacity requirement, grain size and grain structure before designing and designating machines in the unit. Stone crushing unit consists from following machines:

Vibrating Feeder

Jaw Crusher

Hammer Crusher

Vibrating Screen

Belt Conveyors                                                          

Stone Crushing Silos

Shaper Feeding below Silo

Dedusting Filter

Dedusting Filter Fan


Stone crushing unit is used in reducing size of the stones in nature to desired grain size. Jaw crusher is a crusher type which crushes unwashed natural stone taken from boulder quarry or quarry by compressing Stone between two jaws, a fixed jaw and a moving jaw.


The moving jaw, which crushes stone, is hanged from the body of crusher with the help of eccentric drive shaft and body of the crusher is supported with safety plate.

Product is conveyed to hammer crusher with 100-150 mm grain size(max.). If vibrating screen is not used, grain size reduces to 0-10 mm(min.). If screen is used, grain size reduces to 0-40 mm.

While using vibrating screen in the system, the product conveyed from hammer mill with a specific grain size is seperated according to grain size sand the product named as residue on screen is conveyed to hammer crusher for recrushing. 


The system can be stopped with the help of automation software by automatically or by an operator before passing to the next level in case of any breakdown or capacity of unit can be changed by setting flow set values of the unit.