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Calcination-Drying Units

Calcination-Drying Units


Calcination(drying) or baking kiln units are designed by İPS MADENCİLİK  according to desired capacity by taking customer satisfaction into account.


We take into account land location of customer, capacity requirement, grain size and grain structure before designing and designating machines in the unit. Calcination(drying) or baking kiln units consist from following machines:



v Feeder Hopper,

v Weighing Belt,

v Burner,

v Heat Furnace,

v Admixture Area,

v Specially Designed Gypsum Calcination Kiln,

v Inlet-outlet Fume Hoods,

v Air Ducts,

v Cyclone Seperator

v Kiln System Pulse Jet Filter

v System fan,

v Transmission Line Machinery,


Calcination(drying) or baking kiln units reduces existing crystal water (approximately %18-20 ) in crushed gypsum with grain size0-10 mm to desired humidity rate ( approximately %4-6)and after this process plaster type defined as gypsum plaster is taken.


With the help of feeder hopper and weighing belt(first equipments of the kiln unit) product capacity per hour for kiln feding is adjusted and amount of the product fed to kiln is stabilized. With he help of burner and heat furnace, necessary heat for system is generated and with the help of proportional control, necessary fuel and air amount is controlled. With star shaped axial blades inside the kiln, special design of our company, the product is both blended(batched) and is moved along the kiln. With system fan contact rate of product with hot air is increased and performance increases with this process.With the help of cyclone seperator and pulse jet filter , micronized products moving forward with air flow line (max 50 g/Nm³)are regained to the system.


Length, diameter, filtration field and inner structure of the kilns are calculated and designed depending upon product type, grain size and feding capacity. Tires, trunnion rollers and gears differs according to weight of the kiln. After casting, these parts are processed at bench and with thermal processig,  they reach to suitable hardness.