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Weigh Feeder

Weigh Feeder




Weigh Feeders manufactured by IPS ENGINEERING are manufactured with suitable dimensions in accordance with calculated capacity. Weigh Feeders working successfully in a lot of fields in Turkey and around the world are source of pride for our firm.



Working Principle: Weight rate coming onto belt is weighed electronically with the help of loadcells ; speed of the belt is set to chosen value by means of necessary frequency converter. Gate valve which is used for controlling flow is on the belt.



With the help of above-mentioned parameters, flow passing on the belt is calculated. With the help of stated set value, system is controlled via PID. Optionally, belt feeds linearly by adjusting belt speed. It has automatic calibration feature. Dynamic is zero.                



v  Loadcell Brand: TDA 20mV/V


v  Loadcell Type: Stainless hood, 50 kg



v  Communication: Communication is made with PLC by using MODBUS communication protocol.  




        It provides to convey humid or dry product at different grain sizes at horizontal area according to preferred unit of time and according to preferred amount. Chassis is manufactured by bending diagonal, mesh type steel plate at suitable thickness.



For preventing effects of any kind of vibration, it is supported with support blocks. Drive type will be decided later according to product characteristics, the place of montage as being either direct coupling drive or belt-pulley drive. Belt material is 4mm, four-layered PVC.