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Star feeder is used in two different systems.

The first system mixes air with the product.

The second system separates the product from the compressed air.

Star feeders have a wide range of applications.

It is used filter and cyclone bottoms, silos, pneumatic conveyor systems, screw conveyors and in the control of distribution during the dischargethe .






It is produced against abrasion and heat.

Body dimensions vary according to the capacity required in the system.
The material of the body is ductile iron.
Bearings are SKF brand. 
The felt is used for dust.
The rotor blade type has different blade number depending on the location.
The material of the wings is ductile iron. 
Also the wings can be supported by the adjustable polyamide material according to the material's need.
The drive chain - gear mechanism is provided.
The rotor speed can therefore be changed as required.


Body Diameter


28 rpm

32 rpm

36 rpm

40 rpm


200 mm

6 m3/h

7 m3/h

8 m3/h

9 m3/h

300 mm

18 m3/h

21 m3/h

24 m3/h

27 m3/h

400 mm

32 m3/h

37 m3/h

43 m3/h

48 m3/h

500 mm

50 m3/h

58 m3/h

70 m3/h

80 m3/h