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Ball Mill



Ball Mills which are designed by İPS MİNİNG are manufactured according to your needs as an engineering masterpiece.




v  It is used to reduce current grain size of the material to the desired size(e.g. from coarse gypsum to fine gypsum).



v  Ball mill has bearings from two sides(back and front), it is front-driven; trunnions are completely cast steel. High manganese alloy plates are mounted to the internal walls of ball mill.



v  The ball mill is on a platform made from NPU 300 Iron material.



v  Internal wall of the ball mill is covered with special material.



v  Proper balls are chosen for reducing the product size to desired size.



v  For easing conveying of material, helix is mounted to the inlet part of the mill.



v  Roller bearings and working parts are protected against corrosion and external factors.



v  Spare parts are guaranteed for at least 10 years.





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