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About Us

About Us



İPS mining has been established to provide service with highly qualified staff of professional engineers for consultancy to industrial plants in mining industry and for building turn-key plants in Turkey and around the world in 2005.


Our company goes on providing service with our 1000 m2 project management office, 4000 m2 closed fabrication factory and 4000 m2 open fabrication factory in Ankara-Temelli Başkent Organized Industry Zone.


In our RE&DE Department, it is provided to double capacity of our projects developed for various plants by using lesser workmanship and lesser effort. We looked from a different point of view in order to open a new path to stereotyped ideas coming from past about industrial plants via our engineering capabilities and we have always come up with solutions with our innovative perspectives towards problems.


Our firm adopted the principle of working like a solution partner for customer. As İPS Mining we believe that we will succeed on more important projects by giving importance to customer satisfaction and to our projects. We provide service in more comprehensive fields with our experienced engineer staff, with design and solution oriented viewpoint by broadening our product range year by year including production of machines and turnkey plants for plaster, construction chemicals, perlite, calcite, cement, pumice concrete, lime, plasterboard, perlite block, mine, fertilizer and feed.


The plants we manufactured until now meet the requirement 60% of plaster production in Turkey, 85% of plaster production in Azerbaijan, 80% of calcite production in Azerbaijan and 80% of perlite production in Azerbaijan. Besides, our companies provide service for a lot of company in our neighbouring countries.

We feel proud for providing service to mining sector with our rapid developments in this field. We plan to continue with more successful projects with high quality perception and uncompromising principles.

If you aim to become the best, machinery is our field of expertise.


We build machinery that makes your name number one in your field.

It is your right to feel happiness of being always number one.

 VBest regards,