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Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design






Our engineers and technical staff consider design as a kind of technology. The reason of this situation is that there is no absolute and single answer for a problem which includes both design decisions and design combinations. The definition of engineering design according to us is as following: Engineering design is the whole studies which aim  to produce solution to the problems which are not solved before or to provide new solutions to the problems which are solved with other methods before. 


Engineering designer uses his intelligence to use scientific knowledge, to design products which will be accepted in market, to provide the most suitable method for producer during manufacturing period.


The completion of design for a product means to have a clear usage technique for product and to have an acceptable performance of the product in the market. Design engineers design new products and machines according to the results they take from development engineers by taking into consideration the economy factor. During this designing process, they pay regard to a lot of external factor such as physical factors, chemical factors, thermal factors. Our design engineers know that their task is to design the ‘new’.


We are aware that a lot of engineering design is the result of a well-disciplined teamwork on highest degree. In our designs, we reevaluate traditional disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering, civil engineering and even chemical engineering for reaching a conclusion. Good design is indispensable for successful production of commercial product.